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Caribbean Stud Poker


Caribbean stud poker is, as the name suggests, yet another game whose origins lie with the greatest card game of them all: poker. It was created in the 1980s and the name of the game is a registered trademark of SHFL Entertainment Inc, who also own Let It Ride, Casino War and other casino games. Despite a high house edge of more than 5% (and even higher on some flasher variants of the game), Caribbean stud poker enjoys a loyal following of casino fans, both online and in bricks and mortar casinos. This is partly because, despite being up against a mathematical edge of 5%, in reality the player is likely to lose less than that would imply.

Different casinos and software companies offer slightly varying rules in terms of payouts (and thus house edge) but in general it involves playing a game based on five-card stud poker against the house. With no bluffing involved the skill level is reduced and there is an optimum method of play, although it is so complex as to be almost impossible to learn entirely. As with other poker-based games, Caribbean stud poker can be good for those lacking the courage to play multi-player poker but wanting a similar experience.

This five card casino card table game plays against the house rather than against other players with no bluffing or the usual poker game deception tactics. Each player is given 5 cards dealt face down and all but one of the dealer’s hand is also face down. The player can then look at his or her hand to decide whether they will play on by raising their bet. From Full Houses to Royal Flushes, Caribbean Stud, is a classic poker-based game.

Here we discuss the simple strategy of Caribbean Stud Poker, which involves raising if you have a pair or better and then folding if you do not have a A-K. We also discuss an even simpler strategy recommended for the more casual player: A-K-J-8-3.

The history of Caribbean Stud Poker is a bit blurry, but supposedly involves a gambling expert, a cruise ship, a down-on-his-luck gambler and some businessmen. Probably sounds more like the start of a bad joke, but an interesting tale nonetheless.