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Let It Ride


Let it Ride, is a casino card game based on poker that is relatively new and, unlike when attempting to date games such as roulette or baccarat, we can safely say that Let it Ride was invented in the 1990s. It was actually created in order to fulfil demand for a single-deck shuffling device made by a company then called Shuffle Master. As blackjack moved away from single deck games Shuffle Master created Let it Ride in order to maintain sales, not realising what a hit the game itself would be.

The game is based on five-card stud poker and is played, both online and in real casinos, at a relaxed pace that makes it ideal for players who play at a relaxed pace. The house edge, when Let it Ride is played to optimum strategy, is 3.5%, making it a poor relation to games such as blackjack and the more closely-related video poker. However, it is simple to play and gives a more authentic poker experience than video poker so is perhaps a good game for those looking to progress up the poker ladder.

Let It Ride is a trademark game of SHFL Entertainment and is a variation of poker where the player forms a five card poker hand by using three of their own cards and two community cards. In order to receive a payout, the player must have a pair of 10s or better. The usual poker hands apply, ranging from pairs to royal flushes.

Whilst the game may appear to have a complicated strategy, it is in fact much simpler than expected. By following the stages outlined in this article, the house edge compared to the player is just 2.8%. We also discuss why to avoid placing bonus side bets and the different odds of each hand.

As one of the newer games, we know that Let It Ride was originally created to assist the promotion of an automatic shuffling machine, as the machine was intended for a single deck game in a world of multi-deck card games. With origins in Reno, the game then moved to the famous Las Vegas and has since become a popular game around the world.