Three Card Poker


Three card poker is a hugely profitable game for casinos, both online and in the real world, with a huge house edge of 10% or even higher depending on the exact rules and variant being played. More commonly the range is between 3% and 7% but this is still significantly higher than most of the casino’s most popular non-slot games.

Whilst three card poker can refer to any number of three-carded poker variants, and as such can be dated back to the 16th century or even earlier, in modern casino parlance, three card poker is a specific game that was created in 1994 to combine the excitement of poker with the pace of other casino favourites. Despite the house edge it remains a very popular game and whilst we wouldn’t recommend trying to make your fortune at the three card poker table, it’s well worth a game or two for a bit of fun.

To play Three Card Poker, players must put a stake in the “ante” and then three cards are dealt to the players and the dealer. The ranking of hands is slightly different to that of five card poker, as a hands like a full house are not possible what with only three cards. In addition to the rules of the game, we also discuss the pair plus bet – a popular option for gamblers with its potentially high returns.

The odds of Three Card Poker are definitely geared toward the house and there is no such strategy out there that can change this. By learning to play a basic strategy, however, players can minimise the house edge. Here we go over basic game strategy, the ante bonus, the pair plus bet, standard pair plus odds and generally what to expect when you’re playing Three Card Poker.

Invented only in 1994, Three Card Poker is one of the newer games out there. Derek J. Webb invented the game, but like all games, improved upon older versions to make it into what it is today. Three Card Poker most certainly get its roots from the Italian game “Primero”, which then inspired the British adaptation of the game, “Brag”, which has thusly become what we know today as the ever popular Three Card Poker.