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Craps is one of the casino’s glamour games, although perhaps not a game too many players are familiar with. A dice game involving two dice, with players betting on a throw or series of throws, the exact house edge depends on what type of bet is taken on, with the casino’s margin varying from nothing to a huge 16.67% on the least recommended bet going!

Craps is perhaps best played in a real-world casino as there is a degree of “teamwork” and a social aspect to the game, although “live” casinos and the chat facility offer the same result to a lesser extent for those that want to play craps online. Craps has a long, long history dating back to the English Crusades, although the modern American version was brought to New Orleans in the 1800s.

If you ever walk through a casino and hear a group of raucous people getting pretty shouty and excited, you’ve probably found the Craps table. The game itself can look a bit daunting what with the 40 different betting options, but once you get the hang of it, it’s fairly straightforward with the result relying on the outcome of two rolled dice.

Here we discuss strategies for betting in a game of craps, involving the pass bet, the come bet, free odds, buying, placing and laying bets, additional multi roll bets, amongst others. For the best bet, it’s sometime best to keep it simple and stick to the pass/don’t pass bet and come/don’t come bet.

Ancient Romans, Arabs in the Middle Ages and Medieval knights are all said to have played a dice game similar to Craps. Wherever its roots, the game most certainly made its way to England and then to America in the 1700s, gaining popularity wherever it went with variations of the game coming into play, as well.