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The famous Las Vegas, Nevada

The United States of America consists of fifty states, as well as the federal district and capital city, Washington D.C. The country is inhabited by over 320 million people and is one of the largest countries by total area. The multiculturally diverse country is famous for gambling mostly because of famous locations, such as Las Vegas, Nevada, and Atlantic City, New Jersey, but each state actually has its own set of rules and regulations with many states opting to forego gaming altogether.

Online gaming is a currently a bit of a grey area, as it was once permitted, and then shut down completely. In 2012, however, the US decided to let states offer online licenses for mobile casinos within state borders but so far only a few have taken them up on this offer, including Delaware, New Jersey, and, of course, Nevada. The government does not permit its citizens to play on foreign-based sites.

Below we've broken down casinos in the US by state, also providing a brief overview of gambling laws in each state.